Mullener /Correa Piano Duo

Manon Mullener
©Pascal Gauch

The duo of Cesar Correa and Manon Mullener is a project born in the spring of 2018 elaborated by two pianists from Fribourg who are passionate about Latin music. They met about ten years ago, when Cesar was Manon’s piano teacher. A few montuno scales later, they got together to form their first joint project.

The two musicians propose a repertoire made up mainly of personal compositions with Latin influences, passing by jazz and classical music. We also find pieces from the Latin jazz tradition or traditional Afro-Peruvian pieces, the country where Cesar Correa is from, revisited and adapted for two pianos.

The two-piano format of the group allows us to discover Latin American music from a different angle and gives it a particular strength.

The project has evolved since its beginnings: numerous performances in various venues and festivals in Switzerland and the recording of REFLEJOS, their first album. The recording took place in Zurich in September 2019 and the album varnished at La Spirale in Fribourg in January 2020. A tour in August 2020 and in Peru in December 2020 are also planned.

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